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How it works

Just a few minutes

At sea, on the road, in the air or even in train, take Boarding Glasses with you everywhere and travel with total peace of mind !

At sea, on the road, in the air or even in train, take Boarding Glasses with you everywhere and travel with total peace of mind !

Put Boarding Glasses on as soon as you start feeling sick.

Put Boarding Glasses on as soon as you start feeling sick.

Take the glasses off when you feel better, about 10 minutes later.

You can then enjoy the rest of your trip.


Motion sickness ?

Motion sickness affects up to 66% of the passengers depending on the vehicle. It is caused by a mismatch between the visual information and the balance system's perceptions.

In the cabin of a boat, or on the back seat of a car, the eye can't see the moves felt by the balance. This is a crisis situation for the brain, that can trigger the most severe symptoms.


Boarding Ring developed an innovative and smart solution : the patented medical device Boarding Glasses is filled with a blue liquid. In response to the accelerations of the vehicle, the liquid moves around the eyes in the frontal direction (right-left) and in the sagittal direction (front-back).

It creates an artificial horizon in the peripheral field of view, without disturbing the central vision. The eye has then access to the reality of the moves, the sensorial conflict instantly disappears and motion sickness fades in a few minutes.

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Press & awards

Boarding Glasses in the press

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Matinale LCI (fr)

May 29th 2018


Médecines d'Ailleurs (fr)

ARTE • Septembre 10th 2017


BFM TV (fr)

February 3rd 2017


PACA Matin (fr)

France 3 • November 21st 2016


Comment Ça Va Bien (fr)

France 2 • November 19th 2015


Le Parisien (fr)

June 17th 2017

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“Whatever your destination or your transport mode, Boarding Ring focuses on making your travel a unique experience in terms of comfort.”

Antoine Jeannin

Co-founder & CEO


What our users think about it

I've been wearing them for 2 years and these glasses have changed my life, no more apprehension about my trips on the Corsica's roads. Before Boarding Glasses, any trip meant bad moments, now the problem is solved !!! Thanks so much

Ambre R.

In addition to being effective, our pair of Boarding Glasses have been tested in a car and in a boat by 3 people, and each time it was a success ! Again thank you !

Kevin B.

My son has been wearing these glasses for more than 15 days now, and it's a miracle : no more nausea, not any symptoms, no more apprehension, it's a dream !!! We can now drive quietly.  I am truly delighted with my purchase.

Sabine P.

I can finally sail, thanks !

Natasha B.

It allowed me to fully enjoy my Red Sea cruise. Thanks again for these glasses !

Catherine P.

A revolution !!! I can only recommend these miracle glasses, that have easily convinced a lot of my friends. I can't do without anymore !

Adeline G.

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